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16 adidas, 15 adidas Claim 2nd at the Molten Pre-Qualifier

Congratulations clubSAV 16 adidas Alex and 15 adidas M! 16 adidas Alex took 2nd while 15 adidas M placed 2nd in 15 Open.

2017 Top Finishes

The following teams have had top finishes in the respected tournaments and age divisions this year. Congratulations to all!

15 adidas M, 2nd in 15 Open - Molten Florida Pre-Qualifier
16 adidas Alex, 2nd in 16 USA - Molten Florida Pre-Qualifier
17 adidas, 3rd in 17 Open - Molten Florida Pre-Qualifier
15 adidas M, 2nd in 15 Open - Daytona Beach 100
16 adidas Alex, 2nd in 16 Open - Daytona Beach 100
14 adidas Emily, 2nd in 14 Open - Winter Bump